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Comming Soon...
Working alongside Agents to improve workflow and productivity is what we do.  If you're an Independent Insurance Agent looking for more than just a finance source, Premco is the right company for you. Because we are owned and managed by Independent Agents, we understand the need to provide a complete package of services that can benefit an Agency. 

Have extra cash on-hand and want a higher return than available on the open market? As part of our Agency solutions package, Premco offers deposit accounts that provide a higher than average return without long-term commitment requirements.

Considering starting your own in-house premium finance company or already have one? Premco provides Agents with various programs which maximize the upside without incurring the costs associated with additional personnel and administration. 

Looking to investment in the private market? Because we are not publically traded, Premco's stock value did not follow the recent trends of the open market and has continued to appreciate even with the economy's down turn. If you're looking for a safe, reliable, steady-growth company, Premco is a good fit for you.

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